Perfect Christmas Time

I’m a little old and I’m a little old fashioned. I love fruitcake because it reminds me of home and it reminds me of Christmas. My mom made fruitcake cookies. She even used actual whiskey in her recipe. That wasn’t the easiest thing for her to do. As a strict Southern Baptist married to a deacon, buying whiskey for cookies was a challenge on the order of a James Bond assignment. The problem was not with the whiskey, it was that there was a high risk of being seen in a liquor store by other Baptists (who, presumably were also purchasing their ingredients for some festive cheer.)

Somehow she managed to get this task done without an assault of fire and brimstones. Unfortunately, one year while in the middle of baking a batch, the preacher came calling. Southern hospitality required coffee and snacks. The chosen snacks were those wonderful fruit cake cookies. All was well until my little sister let the truth over take propriety when she announced that the cookies were made with whiskey. The room was uncomfortably silent awaiting some response when she continued by saying, “. . .but the drunk was cooked out of them.”

At this wonderful season of the year, take some time to think back and find those quaint, happy memories that made Christmas special in your life. Remember that it’s OK if all of your Christmas memories are not jolly and bright but the sad memories only help us appreciate the happy ones even more. May this season bring you good tidings of great joy and hope for a bright new year.

Dr. Ben

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