Saturday June 27, 1942


The words that follow (in italics) are transcribed verbatim from the journal my father, Lt. Ben H. Rushing, kept during his deployment as a navigator on a B17.



June 27, 1942

Went to London today. Found it to be somewhat different from anything I expected. It is a very dead town. Not much night life goes on there. The people are making great sacrifices to win the war.

This afternoon we saw Vivian Leigh in “The Drs. Dilemma.” It was fairly good. She is rather beautiful, but I think some of our American actors are more beautiful. We ate supper at “Simpsons” supposedly a very fine restaurant. It turned out to be poor as heck. The food at the Eagle Squadron’s place was much better. Had 3 Coca-Colas. There were good after being without for a month.

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