Sunday June 28, 1942


The words that follow (in italics) are transcribed verbatim from the journal my father, Lt. Ben H. Rushing, kept during his deployment as a navigator on a B17.



Sunday June 28, 1942

This morning we got up about 9:30 & ate breakfast. Afterwards we went to an old Catholic church. This afternoon we walked the streets awhile & met lots of funny kinda people. Went to a tea dance at the Piccadilly Hotel. Met two English girls that were rather nice. They took us about and showed us Hyde Park.

London is in rather bad shape, but not so much as people would imagine. Didn’t go to Westminister Abbey but saw the Queen’s home.

Talked with some American pilots in the Eagle Squadron. They told me some unbelievable things but it must be true. They don’t have such high regard for life over here. They seem to take it more or less for granted.

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