Thursday, June 4, 1942

The words that follow (in italics) are transcribed verbatim from the journal my father, Lt. Ben H. Rushing, kept during his deployment as a navigator on a B17.

Copied from Previous book.

Thursday June 4, 1942.

We passed out of New York harbor at 3:00 this afternoon. We are travelling all alone. No escorting vessel is to be seen. A Zepplin escorted us a small distance. Not far enough tho.

I’m beginning to kinda like the boat ride. I think I would much rather be in a B17 tho. At least we wouldn’t be in any danger from submarine attacks. We are going pretty fast & a sub would have a hard time getting us.

Tonight I miss my girl. Gee how nice it would be if she & I could take a pleasure trip on this boat. After the war she & I are really going places. If I was down near there teaching school, I would probably make myself a nuisance around her dad. Don’t think he would mind tho cause he seemed to like me OK.

Nothing is in sight but water & quite a lot of it too. The weather is terrible. Hope it keeps up this long the entire journey.

Tonight we stayed in the lounge and played cards and talked till 10:30 or 11:00. Then we went to bed.


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