Tuesday June 23, 1942


The words that follow (in italics) are transcribed verbatim from the journal my father, Lt. Ben H. Rushing, kept during his deployment as a navigator on a B17.



Tuesday June 23

This morning I slept. This afternoon I went to an old castle. It did belong to the Duke of Montague. Now it belongs to the Duke of Buccleuch. It was built around 1675. It was a beautiful old place. In some of the rooms paintings were on the ceilings & had been there since 1675. They are beautiful.

The furniture was made around 1700. It was so quaint & beautiful. They used the tapestries for the coronation of the King. We went into the arsenal. There were all kinds of guns and swords. They were all in perfect working order. The grounds surrounding this place were lovely. Had a very nice pond and tennis courts. I managed to get a souvenir and hope to take it home wit me.

The Castle was a tremendous thing. There were so many rooms. We saw the bedroom where the Queen stayed when she visited there. It was a lovely place in its day. I could just imagine having parties there and carriages driving up with beautiful girls getting out. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Would liked to have read some of the books in the library but didn’t have time to even look at them.

We went to town to spend the remainder of the evening.

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