What does a teacher do when they are not teaching?

I am midway through the first summer session in a whole bunch of years when I haven’t had a class to teach. I thought I’d go cabin fever crazy (perhaps not a long journey for me) but I’ve found plenty of busy to fill the time.

First week. Grandpa duty every morning. His dad was at work and his mom was still teaching. Grandpa’s spring semester was finished. Five year old boys might be relatively small but they are jam packed full of energy. Grandpa naps are not usually on their schedule. We do what we should and cherish the times and the memories we build. It was a good week. Had some fun, did lots of stuff, and survived (both of us.)

Second week. I did some writing on a project I have been working on for a while. Made some good progress. Found a couple more writing projects to start. Worked on some school related things. Read several books and got some of those naps.

Here I am in the middle of the third week. Still reading. Still writing on projects. Got into the air for a while this morning and feel like my batteries have been recharged. I’m about to head over and pick up the grandson for some “Pop-Pop Wednesday” time.

We’ll either go out to the hangar and do some cleaning up or go out to the shooting range and visit for a bit, maybe both.

So, here’s the deal, I’m gonna be more disciplined to write in this blog more often. Maybe someone other than the spammers will find it.

Oh, yeah, there’s that. I guess sending me information about fake purses and prescription drugs and cialis wannabees is good marketing. Doesn’t work for me, though. I can send them to the electronic junk yard pretty easily.

Until next time. Keep the sky above and the earth below and learn to love it.


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